Preparation of Mobile Content in E-Learning

The development in the field of communication and multimedia technologies is currently shaped by 2 essential forms of appearance. On the one hand, terminal equipment for the access to digital data are becoming smaller, easier, more efficient and the continuous companion in everyday life. On the other hand, extensive radio-controlled connections into the Internet are available, such as e.g. via WLAN, WI-FI or UMTS. In addition, the information posted on the World Wide Web is constantly increasing and can thus be called up in almost all places as well as anytime by means of mobile terminal equipment. The classical M-learning attempts to use this technological progress by making learning contents available online which also be called up from the road with the aid of smart phones, PDAs or tablet PCs that are carried along independent of the learning purpose. At this point, the project “Preparation of Mobile Content in E-Learning” wants to take up and to build up the actual potential of M-learning by means of a mobile and location-specific data acquisition.

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