Freehand Drawing

Freehand Drawing

A script with tips and notes to prepare the practical lecture can be acquired by purchase in our secretary office.

The Freehand Drawing supports the communication of the engineer in his work with architects, engineers and building contractors and trains the tridimensional imagination.

In weekly practical lectures, the tools of the trade for free drawing with the pencil and other sign media are imparted step by step. During the semester, the practical lectures are held on the specified premises and, suitable weather provided, partially also outdoors.

The following topics are handled in the lectures and practical lectures:

  • Simple geometrical objects
  • I beams in various positions
  • Tools of all kind with small dimensions
  • Fasteners
  • Furniture / details of all kind
  • Plants
  • Still lives
  • Buildings, constructions
  • Civil engineering works
  • Persons
  • Watercolors


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