Basics of Planning, Designing and Constructing

The Planning, Designing and Constructing Work Group (AG PEK) organizes the project seminars "Basics of Planning, Designing and Constructing I & II (GPEK I & GPEK II)" offered at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.

These courses of the first and second specialized semesters are supposed to give the students an insight into the professional field of construction engineers, geodesist and environmental engineers.

These courses are carried out and supervised in collaboration with the Departments of the Civil and Environmental Engineering faculties. In the winter semester, a technical / traffic / sociocultural infrastructure project is dealt with, while in the summer semester, a high building or construction engineering work is the basis of the project task.

In GPEK, the students deal with a project task set to them in project teams.

A project teams consists of various specialized roles that can be chosen by the students at the beginning of each semester. Every specialized role receives the necessary professional input in so-called research meetings to then deal with the task set to them together in the group with the other specialized roles.

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