Green Building Design I

The course gives a comprehensive insight into the energetic building analysis considering various building construction detail solutions.

Building design" topics in line with current building activity with a focus on green building are dealt with in seminar form. This includes targeted scientific questions to be answered in the context of a small project both on design concepts (e.g. building orientation, space program) and on technologies (e.g. air conditioning, energy supply and distribution, control of building envelopes).

Selected examples of buildings and a student's own project are used to develop useful design principles. Supervised student projects also examine outstanding existing buildings and their designs – including historical classical buildings.

The courses Green Building Design I and Green Building Design II are independent of each other and can be taken individually

Documents of the current Semester

Student work of previous semesters

Green Building Design I – Vitamin Green

Green Building Design I – Hus an de Woterkant