Research at the KGBauko

A direct reference to the built architecture is intended. Therefore, the individual project areas of the department's research profile is also divided into practical building solution options. In the individual sections, the real conversion of the respective developments is always considered as well.

Individual emphases are always shaped by the constructive and architectural point of view of individual project definitions! The practical building requirements in the building trade are naturally manifold. Practical architecture work therefore represents the necessary platform for the developments to be realized.

Especially at the interfaces of individual building elements – equaling the interfaces of individual disciplines – there are numerous main research approaches. The contact point of architecture and engineering therefore basically offers essential technical and constructive requirements for research and development.

This includes among other things particularly developments in the field of building planning, of building shells and constructive methods on the one hand as well as methodic and technically shaped implementation approaches on the other hand.

In our department, the concept of research is therefore also considered a coordination in the interdisciplinary coordination of the parties involved in construction and planning. From the current building activities alone, numerous question formulations can be derived that will co-design and shape our future society and its building culture.