KGBauko receives award for sustainability in teaching

Student Conference “Green Building Design”

2023/10/27 by

The organization of the first Darmstadt student conference on the topic of green building design was recognized and awarded by the university´s “Office for Sustainability” as an excellent contribution to sustainability at TU Darmstadt.

The event as well as the information on Green Building Design lectures are included in the “Sustainability Compass” of the TU Darmstadt. As a digital, constantly growing sustainability report, it supplies information on sustainable activities at the Technical University of Darmstadt.

For the first time, students from various universities, courses and disciplines met in Darmstadt for an international conference to present and discuss various topics relating to “green building design”. The event was organized by the KGBauko Institute from June 27th, 2023 to July 11th, 2023 on a total of 3 dates as part of the courses “Green Building Design II” and “Green Building Design”. Around 100 students took part in the event, most of them master's students in the fields of sustainable urban development, civil engineering, architecture, energy science and engineering from the Technical University of Darmstadt, the Vietnamese-German University (VGU) and the European universities of the Unite! Alliance.

Thanks to the students' commitment, there were more than 60 registered presentations covering a wide range of topics in the field of green building design. This included, among other things, sustainable city planning, urban energy management, novel options for energy conversion and storage in an urban context, modern timber construction, innovative facade and roof constructions, energy-efficient building renovation, waste avoidance strategies in the building sector, options for reducing gray energy and material-related CO2 emissions – just to name a few.

The conference was recognized by the Office for Sustainability as a great opportunity to benefit from the international participants and thus make a valuable contribution to passing on the knowledge taught at TU Darmstadt. The interdisciplinary approach was also an essential component of sustainable teaching design. With this form of event, we are able to enable effective and sustainable qualification of our young talent in the field of green building on a broad front.

We are pleased that our commitment and contribution to the topic of sustainability in teaching have been recognized and would like to thank everyone who made the event possible!

Further information: the award-winning projects in the Sustainability Compass!